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Please take your time reading this document. It contains crucial details about your obligations and rights, as well as any potential restrictions and exclusions that might apply to you.

  1. Price quotes: All passenger fare rates are presented in US dollars. Before purchasing a ticket, prices and availability are subject to change. Only when a purchase is made are prices guaranteed. All in-advance ticket purchases are final and cannot be exchanged. Every ticket must be purchased under the passenger’s exact name as it appears on a government-issued ID. On tickets, names cannot be changed.
  2. VERIFY PAPERWORK: When you receive your paperwork, please double-verify it. At the time of flight check-in, passengers will be required to present a legitimate photo ID. The traveller will have to give up the ticket and pay the appropriate fare for the departing aircraft if the name on the ticket and the person’s ID does not match. At check-in, children must be accompanied by a parent or other adult. For a youngster traveling alone, several airlines may have unique criteria. If you have any inquiries, call.
  3. RECONFIRMATIONS: Domestic: We advise you to double-check all reservations both before you leave and at each stopover. This will give the airline the chance to inform you of any modifications that could have been made to your flight. International: Your reservations will be immediately cancelled if you don’t reconfirm your continuing or return reservations at least 72 hours before departure time at each stopover.
  4. CHECK-IN REQUIRMENTS: Domestic: two hours before departure. International: three hours before take-off. Note: If you check in after these hours, you risk being denied boarding.
  5. Overbooking: There may be overbooking on airline flights. An individual who is denied boarding on a flight may be entitled to compensation. All ticket booths carry the regulations for rejected boarding.
  6. Changes or cancellations: In addition to any outlined change fees, ticket modifications may result in penalties and/or higher fares. Reservation changes require advance notice. Call this travel agency or the airline you are taking to modify or cancel your flight plans. Prior to the departure date, airlines may impose sizable penalties and additional costs for changes to some non-refundable tickets. Your unused plane ticket can be worthless beyond the departure date. Return the unused tickets to us for a refund or credit if you’re canceling. Numerous travel restrictions apply to most special, excursion, and discount tickets, and there may be fees associated with changes or cancellations. Make sure you are aware of these limitations. Ask the airline to use the value of your unused ticket toward the purchase of a new ticket if your plans change while you are on route. Obtain a receipt from the airline if a refund is required. In order to avoid being required to pay, let the hotel know as soon as you can—but no later than 4 p.m. local time—if you decide to cancel a guaranteed hotel reservation.
  7. PREPAID TICKETS: Please be aware that most airlines demand an obligatory non-refundable service charge if your travel agent arrangement includes a request for pre-paid airline tickets to be picked up by the passenger at an airline ticket counter. We really appreciate your understanding that the airline, not our office, is imposing this fee in order to provide this service.
  8. Insurance: The responsibility for airline and other travel supplier baggage insurance is restricted. Losses resulting from cancellation, accident, illness, or losses due to stolen or damaged property may not be sufficiently covered by your personal insurance. We strongly advise you to take advantage of any available extra insurance.

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